Illustration / Daily rhythm

Daily rhythm

Illustrator Fumi Koike enjoys nature and has a special liking for animals, especially dogs. 
We can see another interview by NIHAO planet:
Q: Most of your illustrations are about usual daily scenes that could be easily overlooked by people. Why do you choose these as your subjects and what message do you hope to convey to the audience?
A: I simply hope that people enjoy my paintings with a free mind, so there’s nothing in particular I want to achieve. I believe that everyone has the capability of being touched by small things in life. I cherish those invisible things a lot and have always wanted to paint them.

Being aware of the simple subtleness of daily life, we felt an affinity for the way Fumi Koike works. Thus, we invited her to illustrate for CHANG CHANG Jewellery to convey introverted beauty, the quality of quietness, and a sense of maturity.


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