Annemarie O’Sullivan

A sophisticated elevation to traditional basketry — Annemarie O’Sullivan’s contemporary baskets are perfect harmonies of the purest raw material and ancient British basket-weaving technique. Based in East Sussex, Annemarie grows around 20 varieties of willow, which she harvests by hand on a half-acre plot near her home. Solely invested in organic, sustainable practice and engaging with every step from harvesting to weaving, her work demonstrates a connection with nature, resulting in beautiful, majestic willow baskets that seamlessly bring a grounding force into modern living.



CARE BY ME believes sophistication comes from the innate richness of fine raw material, just like their signature cashmere products. Each is effortlessly stylish with beauty that goes beyond trends, time, age, and genders.

The new luxury now is purchasing products purposefully, knowing that they are made with the best raw materials and that the people who made them uphold good conditions with regard to education, salary, human rights, and last but not least, the highest level of craftsmanship and design.


Etsuko Sonobe

Artist statement:

“I’ve worked with metal and stones for a long time.

Metal can be soft or hard and can also be recycled.

But stones are hard, and once they are broken, they can never be reformed.

I aim to capture these risky beauty and tension in the form of jewellery.

The reason why I am concerned with precious stones and precious metals is not only because of their absolute beauty but also because I wish to find something that transcends the preconceived notion.”

All precisely and minimally set with 20 karat gold, Etsuko Sonobe amazed us again with the impeccable integration of classic and modernism.

Fabio Vogel

German artist Fabio Vogel has found an innovative way of combining craftsmanship and technology. Shaped by fire, textile, and beautiful coincidences, which create unique textures and movement on the surface that almost seem like wearing a translucent cloth on glassware, these hand-blown organic vases are a breakthrough in traditional craft and are also a celebration of unexpected processes. Each vase is unique with its own personality that is contemporary and everlasting.




Feeling anxious and overloaded by the information within the urban city, the couple moved to the suburbs of Dartmoor and returned to a slower pace of life. In 2018, the Brown family built a workshop on the edge of Dartmoor. Within the walls of a 15th-century farmhouse, traditions meet modern spirit, where finely crafted bone china is made with love. Let’s embrace beautifully hand-painted tableware.



Frazer Parfum

Frazer Parfums scented products are thoughtfully crafted with natural and local ingredients in Africa and responsibly made at slow paces and in small batches for the protection of natural sources and the labor of local artisans. A brand distinct from other commercial fragrance labels, Frazer Parfums fragrances are pure and soothing, chemical-free and additive-free, and handcrafted to nurture and bring wellness to your body and soul, ​in a time when self-healing is much needed.


Geoffrey Fisher

Cleaning can be more therapeutic when practicality meets conscientious aesthetic. Geoffrey Fisher’s brushes and brooms are entirely hand-crafted in coppiced wood, leaving the moist texture of raw wood untouched. They are sustainably built and soft on the hands. They are also the best dust collectors that we have ever encountered.


A conscious clothing label from Denmark that speaks for the finest raw material and the empowerment in women — KOKOON has been making modern staple garments with a focus on fine silk since 2009. Every piece is designed with a sophisticated cut and comfortable wearability, not only making you look good but also feeling good internally. 




With products designed in London and proudly made in Mongolia, OYUNA offers considered designs across womenswear, unisex clothing, and home accessories in its signature architectural silhouettes and bright hues.

OYUNA was founded by Mongolian-born designer Oyuna Tserendorj in 2002, with the aim of designing thoughtfully, using the world’s most luxurious natural material – Mongolian cashmere. ​

Silvia K Ceramics

Based in the UK with a Slovakian heritage, Silvia K Ceramics is inspired by folk traditions and artifacts. ​

Ceramics, a humbling material yet sophisticated at the same time, reflects a simple beauty with natural textures and mild colors that would instantly brighten your everyday meal. ​You will enjoy every moment on the table, especially when the tableware and food become part of your creation.




Built to last and enjoyed for years to come, SILVIJART linen towels are ecologically handwoven in Lithuania and are two times more durable and intricate than regular cotton towels. These linen towels are widely known for their longevity, versatility, and their fast ability to absorb and release moisture, which make them the perfect material for humid, tropical climates. ​

UHLALA Ceramic

Based in Copenhagen, Danish ceramic label Uhlala strives to enrich everyday life with its well-rounded, handcrafted ceramic wares. Its iconic Bonbonnieres series are available in a variety of sizes and colors, creating aesthetic rituals for daily life and resulting in the most effortless and sophisticated storage for your home and office.

Yali Glass

From bottles and plates to vases, we have carefully selected a variety of beautiful utensils to elevate your dining experience through Yali’s classical yet refreshingly modern glassware. Combining Scandinavian minimal design with Italy’s colorful glass-blowing craftsmanship, every piece of Yali’s product is handblown in the renowned Murano Island of Venice. Amazingly airy and intricate, they are made to lighten up and enrich your everyday experiences. ​


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