The florist

My mind has been full of thoughts about florists for the past few months. What do its pure intuition, comforting presence, and healing feel like? How do we bring them to life in retail nowadays?

What’s a spacious, elegant environment and then a calm, relaxing, and inspiring one? It should be like everyone’s secret space. It heals and fulfills after you go there.

Although I didn’t present many jewellery works in 2023, I did plant a seed in Xinzhuang, a flower boutique full of inspiration.

In Everijoy Floral Boutique, you can develop your creations or participate in courses to learn more floral techniques with various vases. The staff welcomes everyone to explore and wishes you to collect joy from flowers.

Thanks to each team member of the florist and the owner Everina. Her creativity, warmth, and big mind make everyone feel at home.

We are not only jewellery storytellers. We endeavor to keep unearthing all the good values to share with you.

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